Emergency Care

Identified by the local community as the top priority for Measure C, our Emergency Department was in need of renovation to improve the department’s ability to handle patients with varying degrees of illness and injury. For example, there was no dedicated triage area in which to evaluate the acuity of a patient’s condition. Emergency patients had to register in a public area offering no privacy or confidentiality. A reconfiguration of the Emergency Department now provides 2 dedicated private triage areas to evaluate each patient’s emergency care needs and speed access to urgent care. The new Emergency Department has increased patient capacity, and a new entry provides better access for patients, while improvements to our waiting area have increased comfort for family and friends.

Diagnostic Imaging

As part of the Measure C projects, new diagnostic equipment, including a nuclear medicine camera and fluoroscope have been added to enhance our diagnostic capability.


Expanding the sterile processing capability for our surgery department is also a part of this phase of the Measure C projects.