Bidding Tahoe Forest Hospital District Projects

I’m a licensed contractor - how do I get involved?

Contractors must hold a current California license in order to bid and work on Tahoe Forest Hospital campus projects.

Some of our projects will require the submission of a pre-qualification package prior to bidding. Others will not; please always contact our Construction Manager to receive the most up-to-date information on bidding and qualifying for our projects.

All of our project documents are available electronically through our Construction Manager (CM), Geney/Gassiot. Bid notifications will be provided two to six weeks prior to the bid date depending on the size of the project. These notifications will appear in local and regional newspapers as well as bid rooms. In addition, information and documents regarding projects ready for bidding will be made available on the CM’s web site. There will be an opportunity to physically inspect the site pursuant to the bid instructions.

Tahoe Forest Hospital District utilizes a CM/Prime Contractor model for our larger construction projects. Therefore, it is important you understand each scope of work that is being bid. You may bid on one or more scopes of work that are appropriate for you. It is important that you include an itemized cost for each different scope because the District may “pick and choose” from among your bids if they represent the lowest qualified responsive bid for that scope.

Be sure to read all instructions to bidders very carefully. Also, understand the bonding requirements before you bid. All District projects require bonding, but who provides that bonding can vary based upon the scope of work.

On bid day it is important to do the following:

  • Complete the bid form included in the documents
  • Sign the bid form & complete alternate pricing
  • Complete and submit “bid book” and other required documentation
  • Include your contractor’s license
  • Acknowledge all addenda
  • Include bid bond if applicable
  • Include sub-trade contractor form
  • Include executed non-collusion affidavit
  • Be on time and in the right place

Absence of any of these items may disqualify your bid!

If you have any questions please ask our CM. The CM is our representative and is there to help you! You may find Tahoe Forest Hospital project plans and pre-qualification documents in the plan room through the Geney/Gassiot web site.

Mike Geney, Geney/Gassiot
5521 W. Fourth St.
Reno, NV 89253