Long Term Care

To complete the seismic upgrades to our hospital plant, a portion of our Long Term Care* center, including 6 beds, had to be torn down. In addition to the loss of rooms, the existing facility needed to be upgraded.

We constructed a new, 3,500 square foot annex on the southwestern end of the Long Term Care building. Included in this addition were support spaces, nurse station, utility rooms and patient and public support spaces. This project redefined the main public entrance to the Long Term Care center. We also completed upgrades to the existing facility, providing a clean interface between the older and new portions of the building and creating a more comfortable home for our residents.

Our current licensing provides for a maximum of 37 resident beds and we built to accommodate that number.

This project was completed in 2102.

* The Skilled Nursing Facility is also commonly referred to as the Long Term Care or Extended Care Facility.

long term care