Parking & Access


At all times, access to the Emergency Room will be well-signed and the route will be clear. If the access route does change, there will be appropriate directional and way-finding signage for vehicles and pedestrians.

During construction, there may be times when it will be necessary to re-route traffic and/or pedestrians. We will provide alternative route(s) clearly identified with signs. Please bear with us as we improve our hospital campus!


Ensuring our patients, their families and visitors have adequate and easily accessible parking is a high priority. Our new parking development and management plan successfully addresses these issues.

In keeping with the community’s environmental concerns and our development philosophy, we did not want to create new asphalt parking lots unnecessarily. Instead we embarked on a detailed and comprehensive traffic and parking analysis. Through better utilization of existing (but not delineated) spaces, additional on-street parking, and a robust parking management plan we will meet parking demands through project build-out.

We are committed to ensuring our parking system works in practice, not just in theory. Should our monitoring reflect that our parking is inadequate at any point in the future, we will look into taking advantage of other opportunities for parking near the campus, or at satellite facilities.

View the detailed results of the parking study and recommendations included in our California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document, or read a draft of our Parking Management Plan.


Providing safe pedestrian access is a top priority in our planning and design. We have proposed that the pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Donner Pass Road and Pine Avenue be moved to the east of the intersection for safer pedestrian navigation. We are also planning to construct an island to create a “safe zone” for pedestrians and a pedestrian-controlled flashing light to indicate to drivers that there is an active pedestrian in the crossing.