Phasing and Timing

Each phase of the Measure C facilities development plan will be undertaken in a deliberate manner to take advantage of the best materials pricing, competitive bidding and staging in order to construct the most cost-effective and highest-quality projects possible.

The estimated construction timeline, phasing, and budget for each project follows. The final timing and costs are subject to change by the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board of Directors.

Phase One: 2009-2010

  • Administrative and Internet Technology staff relocation and building demolition
  • Replacement of underground utilities
  • Construct new data center and install new fiber optic
  • Diagnostic imaging remodel and replacement of equipment
  • Estimated budget: $6.1 million

Phase Two: 2010-2012

  • Pharmacy relocation and remodel
  • Dietary relocation and remodel (phase one)
  • Construct Cancer Center building
  • Construct Central Energy Plant
  • Skilled Nursing Facility addition and remodel
  • Estimated budget: $59.1 million

Phase Three: 2012-2015

  • Emergency Department addition and remodel
  • Surgery Sterile Processing expansion
  • Remove portions of the 1952 and 1966 buildings
  • Construct New South Building / Women and Family Center
  • Dietary replacement (phase two)
  • Estimated budget: $34.7 million

Estimated budget numbers include cost escalators and contingencies. We have made some owner and regulatory changes and upgrades to the projects. Any Measure C project costs above the $98.5 million bond funds will be paid through District operating revenue.