Women and Family Center

The Women and Family department (maternity) was housed in the oldest portion of Tahoe Forest hospital. The structure did not meet current California seismic codes for hospitals. It was necessary to relocate the department to a compliant structure.

The plan is to remove portions of the south end of the hospital structure, which were originally constructed in 1952 and 1966, and build a replacement facility to provide the highest-quality care in a state-of-the-art facility.

The new “South Building” will be attached to the existing hospital facility near our existing Western Addition, which houses our inpatient unit. In addition to Women and Family, the new South Building will also accommodate the relocation of critical departments and dietary kitchen to compliant spaces.

Our Women and Family Center recently moved from its old location and now makes its home in one wing of our existing Medical/Surgical department. The Women and Family Center will be in this interim location for about 2 years, until construction is complete on the new building.

Demolition has taken place on old the old, non-compliant building. This project will require significant staging and relocation of certain departments, and will be the final phase of our Measure C construction projects, scheduled for completion in 2016.

For local history buffs: we will be retaining the “big rock” at the southwestern portion of the campus!